About Anna-Louise

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website to see what wonderful treasures I have to offer.  I hope you find something you fall in love with and can not wait to wear on your precious day as well as treasure in years to come and maybe even wear to those other special moments in the future. 

I started with the idea of creating luxurious jewellery to adorn the hair of brides and bridesmaids after finding there wasn’t a lot of choice for a distinctive and discerning style.  Though each piece is made using vintage jewellery and lends itself well to a vintage and boho look they equally complement any elegant and opulent wedding.

I aim to create individual bespoke pieces that can never be duplicated into exact copies so each piece is unique and for each bride or bridesmaid to feel like they have a special piece of jewellery to make them stand out on a day that is extremely personal. Each piece is hand sewn by myself using a mixture of old and new jewellery which is sourced purely for the shape, texture and colour.  I take inspiration from the 1920/30’s in terms of the style and shape of the adornments but the construction is organic creating shapes and textures determined by the jewellery itself.

Along with the existing collection of adornments I love to take on commissions from anyone that would like one of the existing designs with added colour, different sizing and even if you have some jewellery that you have inherited and would love to have it made into something you can cherish and wear.

Enjoy and hopefully I will be able to help you get that one step closer to creating the perfect look for your special day.